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October 14, 2020

[Data Model] All your personalised properties in one click!

It is now possible to download all your personalised properties in a single click via the extract my customised var button from your Data Management interface. This will show you how Data Query 2 fits with the new Data Query 3.

In the configuration of your properties, there is also a new Customised Variables Migration panel, giving you a list of the custom indicators (site indicators, page indicators, order indicators and global custom variables) for each site, as you declared them and tagged them between Data Query 2 and the new Data Query 3.

Using the Data Model, we have merged the values into this single property in order to provide you with multi-site analyses.

September 29, 2020

UUID expiration date

As you might have seen on our SDK's changelogs, new versions have been released (Android 2.18.0 and iOS 2.19.0).

This update adds a new expiration date to the UUID used for visitor identification set to 13 months by default.

The update sets the expiration date to already existing UUID, meaning there will not be a general expiration of these UUID.

Please note that new updates will not reset the expiration date or kill the UUID.

September 22, 2020

[AT Connect] Semji integration is live!

The AT Connect Semji integration enables you to simplify your content marketing measurement strategy through AT Internet data integration. Access your personal Semji space and directly connect the AT Internet source to discover the content with the most potential in terms of traffic and conversions. Semji reveals the possible SEO optimisations and allows you to follow the gains generated by your content marketing strategy.

More info in the Help Centre

August 26, 2020

Eco-mode for better performance and less environmental impact

You can use in Data Query an eco-mode that will help you improve the performance of the requests and reduce the environmental impact. Find more information in our help centre.

August 07, 2020

New Data Query 3 and Segmentation features!

Cross-site cohorts

Would you like to analyse the behaviour of certain users of your mobile applications when they use your responsive site? Or would you prefer to understand how visitors to your store behave when they browse your corporate site?

Nothing could be simpler with cross-site segmentation; you can follow users or visitors from one site to another.

Cohorts without properties

It is now possible to create segments for cohorts of visitors or users, without attaching them to specific properties. For example: segment on all visitors who have visited the site in the last 7 days.

Saving segments

You can now save the created segments from Data Query. They are in the left panel, below the properties and metrics lists, or directly in the live segmentation panel.

Breadcrumb trail

The segmentation breadcrumb trail has been improved. In particular, it offers more information on the characteristics of the cohort used: reference period, site(s).

Select all your sites!

Harness the full power of Data Query by selecting all your sites in one click for even more advanced multi-site analysis.

Calculated metrics

Create your own metrics calculations on the fly, applying any operator between the metrics of your choice.

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