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June 25, 2020

[Data Query 3] The Rich Media data is here!

From now on, find your Rich Media data in Data Query 3 in order to benefit from its analysis capabilities. To simplify the transition between our Rich Media module and AV Insights, we have merged the properties, you will find more information in our documentation.

June 17, 2020

[Data Query 3] Multiple operators on property and duration formatting

Multiple operators

It is now possible to select several operators on the same property! For example, you can retrieve the first and last day of a visitor's visit in a single set of data!

Duration formatting

In order to improve the readability of the duration, you can now display the time with an hour, minute and second format.

Renaming properties

In order to simplify the reading of properties by reducing the size of the property names, we have removed the scope mentions within the property. For example, "Sources (visits)" is now "Sources". Explanations of the scopes can be found in the property definitions.

A new question is now available in the FAQ to better understand how the sources work.

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